What’s Blooming Blunders?

Blooming Blunders is about a girl with a dream! A dream filled with plants, pottery, flowers, farm life and a TRUCK! This journey began in 2020 when I started selling plants from my garage and then decided to re-vamp a box truck into a mobile indoor plant business. Since 2020…the Truck has been to dozens of markets across the Puget Sound, we moved from an apartment to 2.5 acres (that we now have to learn how to farm!), expanded into three different coffee shops, opened a farm stand at the Riverside Farm location, started a flower field of dahlias, sunflowers & more, added chickens and a dog…and I’m just getting started! 😉 This journey has been filled with so many ups and downs, a handful of injuries, but has also been filled with so many blessings, beautiful experiences and fun! I hope to inspire you on your journey…maybe make you laugh at my clumsiness…and help you fill your home with plants that bring you joy!

Happy Planting ~ Linds

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